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Jilin Shengyuan Liquor Co., Ltd.

Production and sale of other alcoholic drinks; liquor production and sale; im...

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Company introduction
        Jilin Shengyuan Liquor Co., Ltd. is located on the Bank of the beautiful Baicheng Canal in Jilin Province. The rich black soil in Northeast China breeds high-quality cereals and miscellaneous grains. Combining with the traditional Wuliang liquor-making technology, the industrious and simple Shengyuan presents you with high-quality and reassuring liquor. All kinds of finished liquors are welcome to taste and purchase, and the high-quality base liquor is welcome to Tibetans. People and peer appreciation!
        The company was founded in 2000. (formerly established in 1913, Guangquan Boiler) Company is mainly engaged in liquor production and operation, with a total assets of 15 million yuan and more than 80 employees, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. It is a member of Jilin Old Brand Enterprise, Baicheng Non-material Cultural Heritage Protection Project and Jilin Brewery Association. In 2001, the trademark Shengyuan was ... [Detailed Introduction]
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