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Jilin Huiquan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Agricultural technology product development, production, sales, soil conditio...

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Company introduction
        Jilin Huiquan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological agricultural service enterprise centering on China's agricultural development and quality improvement. We provide a full range of services for agricultural planting in response to drought, water and fertilizer, soil fertility, increase in yield and quality, and improve the comprehensive benefits of agricultural planting, helping farmers' cooperatives, agricultural planting companies and large agricultural households to increase their efficiency through scientific and technological means.
       The company's independent and applicable technology products are mainly characterized by: slow release of water and fertilizer, avoiding drought; water and fertilizer control, water saving and efficiency improvement; accumulating accumulated temperature, promoting early maturity; transparent oxygenation, soil restoration; Improve quality; full coordinat... [Detailed Introduction]
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