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  • VIP Jilin Huiquan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Business: Agricultural technology product development, production, sales, soil conditioner, agriculture and forestry water retention agent, seed, fertilizer production, sales, saline-alkali land transformation, modern agricultural technology, biomass energy technol
  • [Not Verified]
[Songyuan City/Changling County]
  • VIP Hunchun Great Wall Fungus Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Business: Production, processing, sales: food (medicine) bacteria species (level one or two), bacteria supplies, regulators, disinfectants, equipment, bio-fermentation mycelium, other wine (mixed wine), sauce, soy sauce , vinegar, plant beverages, grain, rice and n
  • (制造商)  [Not Verified]
[Yanbian Prefecture/Hunchun City]
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